Happy users, happy clients

These are some of the projects I've worked on that I thought you may find interesting. They show my journey from my first steps in web development to my expertise in frontend design and architecture.

eola Booking management platform for activity centres. Built in Rails and React. Built UX, UI and frontend through a pattern library both static and in Storybook, partnering with business needs and customer feedback.
dyson Worked with R/GA as an UI developer, discussing the product design team's ideas and then building them into the browser and then passing them to Deloitte for production use for dyson's big digital move.
ADEPT A powerful, easy to use search engine joins together all the resources Queen Mary University had spread over multiple sites. Focus on performance and maintainability for their in-house team.
Explore Digital Space Collection of micro analysis tools wrapped in a nice interface as a digital marketing campaign built for Base Creative. Heavy use of canvas, SVG and CSS animations.
Base Creative Design agency website, faster than any, built on WordPress, with a living style guide alongside it. Uses WebP and there's a lot of art direction and little animations. SpeedIndex below 1k in best conditions.
EuroSport's Programme Guide A platform for the journalist to follow the activies Eurosport is on. Built on WordPress with a focus on modularity. Style guide became really useful for manteinance.