I am a frontend designer.

A passionate frontend with an eye for user experience, who puts the user's needs first with responsible responsive design.

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I aim to create websites that make users, clients and teams happy. True care for quality and web standards is what has always motivated me, so I approach work through progressive enhancement.

I like simple solutions to complex problems.

Design and development

While my main skills are in frontend architecture, my mindset is that of a designer. I like to come up with simple and friendly ways for a user to achieve the task. Good design I believe, is invisible. It’s when you can’t think of a product in any other, better way when you’ve achieved good design.

This translates in frontend development to responsible responsive design. Years ago I realised it’s not just about adapting to screen sizes, but also the browser, network conditions, ways the device is being used, accessibility and more.

“Be conservative in what you do, be liberal on what you accept from others”
Robustness principle by Jon Postel

Good websites are robust ubiquitous experiences enhanced where possible. I use pragmatic frontend development practices with semantic HTML, enhanced with modular and scalable CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript.

I’m best when working as a nexus between design and frontend, as I can mentally build a responsive model of the flats designers create, liaise with them to fill in the gaps to achieve a fully modular responsive experience. I usually produce style guides or pattern libraries to reproduce this model.

Technical skillset

I’m extremely fluent with CSS preprocessors (Sass, LESS). I’m familiar with task runners and bundlers (Grunt, gulp, webpack), content management systems (WordPress, Jekyll, Perch) and project planning software (Trello).

Web performance is very important to me. I find performance budgets to be key for a good frontend architecture. I understand the waterfall, how browser requests work and how to optimise the above-the-fold content, with caching, conditional loading and asset optimisation.

Modern JavaScript is something I find really interesting, so I’ve done some data visualization (canvas, D3.js) and MVC (React, flux).

With some background on back-end development, I have experience with PHP, Java and C/C++, so I can pick up any programming language or library really quick. I’ve also worked with plenty of RESTful APIs and even built one.

Well documented APIs are to backend what styleguides are to frontend.


Twitter: @jaicab_
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Email: me@jaicab.com
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