Style guide

This site has a small style guide (or more precisely, pattern library) due to a focus on reusable components. The patterns have been grouped by scope, making it easy to understand where to use each.


There’s also some guidelines that should be followed when extending the codebase. Check the colophon more more technical information.

  • All posts use the post layout by default. To avoid redundancy, if you just want to create a regular post then don’t specify a layout.
  • When creating a new layout or pattern, check the style guide to see if you can reuse/extend existing ones. This avoids code duplication and manteinance problems.
  • Favour Markdown files (.md by convention) over HTML, so they can be read when accessed on the GitHub repo.
  • If a post or page contains code blocks, set syntax: true in the front-matter to load syntax highlighting only when necessary.